Challenger Limited at the Australian HR Awards 2016: What Was Said and Some Key Ingredients for Success

Challenger HR Awards

The 2016 Australian HR Awards was an opportunity to recognise the year’s achievements in the Australian HR community. It was also a chance to hear from the winners about what they have done over the past year that helped them to stand out in comparison to the competition.

Winning the Frazer Jones “Australian HR Team of the Year with under 1000 employees” was Challenger Limited.

Established in 1985, Challenger Limited is an investment management firm managing up to $60 billion in assets.

From a HR perspective, their core principles include; “integrity, working together, commercial ownership, compliance, and creative customer solutions.” Above all they believe in facilitating an environment that builds engagement, enables development, and encourages a connection within the Challenger community.

Charlotte Perkins from Frazer Jones spoke with Angela Murphy, Executive General Manager of HR, regarding the success of her team.

What does it mean to win this award?

I think the team knows from the internal feedback we’ve had just what our hard work has meant, but it’s fantastic to have external validation as well. So it means a lot.

Why do you think you won?

I haven’t seen the other team submissions, but I certainly know for our team it’s been an absolutely enormous year. We’ve had a lot on and every single area of the team, every single individual in the team, has really given their best so I think that’s been a key part of our success.

What do you believe is key to a great HR team?

I think everybody has been pushing themselves, stretching themselves, to do perhaps what they thought wasn’t quite possible and pulling it off.


Charlotte Perkins, Manager

Frazer Jones