Education Through Collaboration


Over the past year, Frazer Jones has been working closely with law firm Hall & Wilcox to deliver insightful seminars to the HR community across Sydney and Melbourne.

These seminars have been a great way to open a dialogue about some of the most important issues in the HR profession, particularly when it comes to legal matters.

The latest seminar to be held in Sydney took place on the 19th of October and was on the topic of “When HR Should Get a Forensic Investigator Involved.” The session was run by Donna Thomson, Partner with PPB Advisory, and Kerryn Tredwell, Partner in Hall & Wilcox’s Employment and Workplace Relations Team.

Over the course of the seminar, they covered such topics as
• When might an organisation need a forensic investigator?
• What kind of information can digital forensics uncover?
• Risks and traps with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
• The first steps you should take to preserve evidence
• As well as some war stories

This seminar was one of many that Frazer Jones and Hall & Wilcox have collaborated on this year. Examples of other seminars are “HR in the Firing Line: Personal Liability and how to Avoid It,” and “Managing an Ageing Workforce.”

Ciaran Foley, head of Frazer Jones Australia, had this to say regarding the seminars, “We have partnered with Hall & Wilcox for a number of years across our Melbourne and Sydney offices. I know the Melbourne events are always well-received and our clients are very complimentary about them. Kerryn Tredwell, Partner at Hall & Wilcox, leads many of our events in Sydney. Kerryn has a wealth of knowledge in the area of employment law and always presents in a highly articulate and engaging way. We look forward to many more successful events in the future and I would like to thank Kerryn and everyone at Hall & Wilcox for all of their hard work in making these events the success they are.”