Five minutes with Jess McMullen

What nickname do you go by?
Paddington (Bear), because of my coat. It’s much more stylish than it sounds – I promise!

What is your favourite city?
Sydney – I moved here three months ago. I grew up on the Mid North Coast and I always thought it would be too busy for me here, but I’ve since discovered lots of pretty pockets along the coast.

What time does your alarm go off and how many times do you hit snooze?
Usually 7am. It depends whether I am going to the gym or cycling to work. Whatever time it goes off these days, I hit snooze at least once at the moment so I can stay in the warm!

How did you spend last weekend?
I discovered the coastal walk in the Royal National Park. I saw whales form one of the lookouts and also played golf!

What’s your specialism at Frazer Jones?
I focus on the junior HR market, temp and perm, across all industries.

Where would we find you having an after work cocktail?
Frankie’s Pizza, but wine is my drink of choice!

What wouldn’t you leave home without?
My Lucas Papaw, my phone and my shoes…I find they’re fundamental!

Favourite place for coffee in Sydney?
The Nook on Hunter Street – have you tried their Cruffins??

Favourite thing about working for The SR Group…
It’s global – I worked in the London office before moving here, plus their values and really closely aligned to my own.

Favourite lolly…
I don’t really like lollies, chocolate is my thing. ANY chocolate. I’m not fussy.

Do you have a secret crush?
Channing Tatum – I’m only human! Er, this is not a secret anymore is it…?