Conference in Hong Kong - April 2015

Frazer Jones was pleased to be the supporting sponsor at the HR Magazine Conference in Hong Kong - Hold on HR: engaging & retaining key talents.

The conference was held at Cliftons on Thursday 16th April 2015 and Shook Liu and Gemma Gastaldo-Brac of Frazer Jones were both in attendance.

Shook presented a piece around “Work-Life Balance...In your dreams or reality?” in her HR Newsflash.

In summary, Shook's presentation:

The concept of work-life balance (WLB) has been around since the early-mid 1800s. It was around this time that the distinction between happiness and work were established.

There is a huge amount of technology at the moment that gives you the ability to connect anywhere, at any time and this leads to it becoming difficult to establish a fine line between work and home. This is where you need to take control and create that boundary.

As a HR Manager, there are steps you can take to control this balance:

  • Decide and delegate as necessary
  • Say no politely so you have time to enjoy what you like doing
  • Keep your laptop in your briefcase when at home
  • Treat yourself well and be happy - work is a means to life, it should not be your life
  • Set aside personal time

Tips to reclaim control:

  • Introduce policies and procedures to ensure and enable employees are pursuing balanced working lives set the example
  • Host family days – days out of the office with fun activities on offer for the whole family

This can help reduce the risk of losing quality HR talent you have working for you as statistics show that 76% of professionals in Hong Kong continue to work when they have left the office.

Employees in Hong Kong feel obligated to work long working hours. During work time employers should allow time for school and doctor visits, the occasional online purchase during work time and keeping in touch with friends and family. You can trust adults to make conscious decisions on the good use of their time. Deal with those individuals who don’t manage their time effectively, as it is probably affecting their performance anyway!

Where WLB may not be a factor in recruitment:

  • Some Graduates in some companies
  • Switching career direction
  • Where Compensation & Benefits is the magnet

When WLB is linked to recruitment:
- Be known as a great employer and have a good brand - Become an “Employer of Choice” e.g. Aon Hewitt or the UK’s Investors in People
- Vacancies created due to company growth
- Successful Internal referral Program

Shook has a motto for those seeking a good WLB; “Work should be a means to life and shouldn’t be your life”. WLB is a continuous process as your family, friends, interests, work and life change all the time.

Step back, look at your priorities and make sure you keep on track.

You can download Shook's presentation below.

Shook and Gemma both found the event highly successful and Frazer Jones is forward to sponsoring the next conference in July 2015.