Flexible Working Awareness Day and its Impact

Did you know that Tuesday 6th May was Flexible Working Awareness Day? Or perhaps you saw some of the marketing materials advertising the day at least? No? Me neither.

Over recent years there has been a substantial emphasis on amending the employment law rights of employees to have flexibility at work. Why? Because as a nation the ever growing list of commitments we coordinate in modern life is a constant challenge and often overwhelming without the support of our employers. The obvious reason for an application relates to childcare; but soon all employees will have the right to apply and in my opinion it is about time.

From 30th June 2014 the right to apply for flexible working is being extended to cover all employees after 26 weeks service. Those without children will have the same chance to apply for whatever reason they see fit. This is representative of the changing workforce demanding greater choice in how and when they do their work. A refreshing approach to working with people to support them in the aim of juggling the demands of the modern world whilst earning the wages that their needs require and holding down the career path they have chosen.

This is going to cause a huge shift in the mentality and working patterns of employers and HR departments. So why the lack of awareness for Flexible Working Awareness Day? It would be easy to be cynical but I think that the benefits to employers and their employees outweigh any negatives.

However with this new legislation I would be really interested in finding out from the HR community how you are educating the benefits of flexible working within your company, and any push back you are also getting.