Human Capital Consulting Market Update

We’re excited to share our insights, trends and market sentiment for the third quarter.

Across this quarter we’ve seen relatively steady demand levels across the UK Human Capital Consulting market. Clients have had more needs across B2B, B2C and life sciences sectors with financial services being marginally lighter to some extent than earlier in the year.

HR Transformation has been a key area of demand across our portfolio of consultancy clients in 2016. This was often driven from HR systems and digitalisation but also by broader organisation wide cost reduction and process improvement motivations.

Consultancies have strong pipelines at the moment with larger engagements signed for the next two to three years. In some we’ve seen such strong pipelines of work that the needs have been within the Senior Consultant/Manager level to manage the delivery of large engagements. In others, we’ve seen the reverse with more of a focus on Senior Manager level as businesses build out sales/business development capability to align with 2020 growth strategies.

We all experienced the summer slowdown where interview processes were interrupted with holidays and leave and big decisions were pushed out. While the global consultancies may have quietened over the summer, they have been more active in the market from September as many start their new financial year.

We are seeing a continuance of activity across the big consultancies and boutiques and a push for processes to be expedited as we close in on Christmas.

As always, if there are any reflections you wanted to share or questions you have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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