Human Capital Consulting Q3 Market Update and 2018 Market Survey

As Q3 of 2017 draws to a close; our dedicated Human Capital Consulting practice offers you a summary of our reflections on the last three months as well as insights into the current HC market.

Human Capital Consulting Q3 Market Update

In the early weeks of June, as Q3 started, there was a continuation in the demand for commercially minded individuals at Senior Manager level across both the mid-market and global consultancies. As these organisations look to ensure they offer a wide range of skills to their clients including: the ability to create an excellent pipeline of work, strong leadership and strategic/commercial insight. This demand has continued throughout the quarter especially and more recently a demand for capable and commercial Managers and Consultants.

In our update at the end of Q2, we discussed how larger HR Transformation projects; placed on pause post the referendum, had begun moving forward again and this quarter these have continued to gain momentum. While there is still an element of broader HR Transformation within these projects, we have seen a significant surge in the number of projects relating to the implementation of new technologies. Consequently; there is currently an ever-increasing need for a consultant to not only have a deep transformation skill set but also an appreciation of the wider change management, including culture and behavioural change required when actioning these strategies.

As we have seen the prevalence of new technologies expand across HR functions, we have also seen a significant growth in the offering consultancies have within the Learning space. This correlation can be explained by a business’ drive to maintain an engaged, current and effective workforce. New technologies provide new learning methods – more aligned to the changing way people learn; an opportunity for significant cost reduction, as well as, allowing large companies to track and record learning, including any regional variations needed in a centralised strategy.

As can always happen in summer, there has been the inevitable slowdown in the hiring process as everyone heads in search for sunnier climes! Entering Autumn, we are returning to business as usual with more activity again, particularly at the boutique end of the market.

So, in this changing time – we’re again asking you for your opinions and thoughts on the market?

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We look forward to sharing our findings with you in soon! If you'd like to chat about the market or potential opportunities - just drop me a note.