International Women's Day - Interview with Clare Allum, EY

Frazer Jones is proud to be supporting International Women's Day 2017. We have interviewed a series of our female clients asking them how they have been bold for change #BeBoldForChange

Frazer Jones interviewed Clare Allum, Tax Talent Leader at EY

Clare Allum

What advice would you give to women who are trying to achieve their career aspirations?
Be bold - Ask for what you want - don’t be shy or think that you don’t have the skills quite yet. Go for it – your male colleagues will.
Explore - Get diverse experiences and make sure each experience adds something to your skill set. Keep your CV and LinkedIn profile up to date.
Say yes - Have a plan but be willing to divert if great opportunity presents itself.

How do you achieve work life balance?
While it’s difficult to talk about work-life balance in the days of work-life integration, I do think there are some key things to remember to survive in today’s highly connected world. In essence, I would say be focused and be flexible.
Focus: Remember that your family and life outside work are equally deserving of your time and energy, even though you aren’t paid for doing it.
Flexibility: Sometimes work does have to be put first - because it really is a critical meeting or because you are really enjoying what you are doing and want to do a great job - but then work out how to give back to your family and other non-work activities.

However, if you still find it difficult to prioritise ‘life’ rather than work, think about the fact that you need to maintain your own wellbeing to be a great person at work and consider that your employer will benefit from you bringing your non-work experiences in a fresh approach to your work.

What have you learned about leadership, entrepeneurship and mentoring others?
Leadership is a game of generosity. Give as much of yourself to the people that work with you and do whatever you can to provide them with great experiences and honest feedback. You will be amply rewarded both by the pleasure of seeing their success but also in growing your own network and influence.