International Women's Day - Interview with Karen Tay, SMRT

Frazer Jones is proud to be supporting International Women's Day 2017. We have interviewed a series of our female clients asking them how they have been bold for change #BeBoldForChange

Frazer Jones interviewed Karen Tay, Senior Manager, HRBP at SMRT

Karen Tay

Who inspires you and why?
I am fortunate to have met many inspiring leaders throughout my career. I would say the one who has left a memorable mark on me would be the leader who has shown great ability to drive towards strategy yet in the formulation of the great plans, never loses focus on the fundamental principle of the ‘Heart for the People’ i.e.. never loses sight of the people who will be impacted. This is an attribute which I admire and hold dear as my personal belief is to always remember the ‘H’ in the ‘HR’.

How do you achieve work life balance?
Balance is really about achieving a harmonious level where it enables the individual to integrate both work and personal commitments effectively. Planning and prioritisation are key attributes to bring about this harmony. Consistent conscious efforts to tick off key deliverables (for both work and personal) on my to-do checklist allows me space and time to spend with my loved ones. Having a strong support system both at family and work environment helps me to manage exigencies.