Hazel Scott, HumanologyHR

Frazer Jones is proud to be supporting International Women's Day 2018. We have interviewed a series of our female clients asking them how they are pressing forward for women's gender parity #pressforprogress

Frazer Jones interviewed Hazel Scott, Consulting Owner, HumanologyHR

Hazel Scott

Past Progress

If you could tell your younger self one thing what would it be and why?

Go with what is right even if it isn’t popular, it builds professional credibility and integrity and builds trust.

What action or decision are you most proud of making in your lifetime?

I was determined to stay focused on increasing female diversity in leadership teams, even when the doubters stood in the way and the task seemed impossible, staying true to the goal not only produced increased business results but also changed a culture fundamentally.

Describe one of your failures. What lessons did you learn, and how did it contribute to a greater success?

Only one? Not asking for help on a large project, the control freak in me wanted to do everything and I thought if I asked for help it would look like I couldn’t manage the workload. Eventually I accepted support but only after realizing it was having a detrimental impact on work, home and the project. Since then I identify early the support required, bring in experts and those who will gain critical experience and I allow for contingency.

If you had to start your career from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

Maybe taking more time for my own development, ensuring I kept up to date with the future thinking and developing my own point of view about it. I have been incredibly privileged to have worked in multiple industries, counties and disciplines. It’s what makes me unique, add value and have perspective so I wouldn’t really change a lot.

Present Progress

Of the people that inspire you, what character traits do they have which you admire?

They are totally comfortable in their own skin and encourage others to be the same, they bring people and ideas together to continuously improve, don’t take themselves too seriously but are relentlessly driven on performance.

If I were to ask people in your workplace for three adjectives that best describe you, what would they say?

Driven, organised and positively disruptive.

How do you motivate yourself and stay motivated?

Reflecting on my career I’ve been most motivated leading a team to solve an issue which leads to healthier employee engagement, solves a business problem and ultimately delivers increased sustainable results. Staying motivated comes down to keeping laser focused on the end result, celebrating small steps and always keeping a sense of humour even when it seems impossible!

If you were to be a mentor to someone within your profession, what one piece of advice would you give?

The role of HR is one of the most important roles in an organisation, we have the opportunity to impact every employee and in turn influence business results, be proud of that responsibility and take it seriously.

What is your personal mantra?

I ask myself and others; what would you do if your weren’t afraid?

Future Progress

How is gender parity being achieved in your profession and what do you think needs to be done to press for progress?

Interestingly diversity is on the agenda for all HR professionals, yet within our own profession we have some work to do, most HR professionals are women, linking the interdependent impact of business results to HR work I think would encourage more men to join the profession. HR is absolutely a science in my eyes more than an art, changing the profile and brand of HR is a must!

What would you say the top 3 skills are needed in order to be successful in your industry?

Business acumen, Influencing and leadership.

What kind of legacy do you wish to leave behind?

I hope I’m remembered for making a positive difference to the people and organisations I work with, being known for pushing the boundaries and being a thought provoker and action taker.

At the recent Golden Globes, Oprah delivered a moving speech which led to people talking about her running for president. If you had the choice to recommend a leader, who would it be and why?

Politics is certainly not my speciality, I think there are influential leaders for different aspects of life, business and economics, I get inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk, Mark Parker Arianna Huffington and most recently I read an article about Dany Cotton, the first female fire chief in London. I was captured by her determination to increase diversity in the fire service and in admiration of how she led her team in the Grenfell Tower disaster, not only during the disaster but also after and how open she was about the psychological support she received and encouraged others to do so. There’s one other future candidate, my niece, although only 5 she is determined, curious, always learning and I love that she doesn’t care whether people are black, white, male, female, old, young, they’re people, just people!