Frazer Jones - Global HR Workstyle Survey

Frazer Jones Workstyle Report – How does HR feel about its profession?

As a global HR search and recruitment specialist with teams based in London, Düsseldorf, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney Frazer Jones’ are in a unique position to assess and report on how HR professionals really feel about their work their environment and their profession, with comparisons drawn across key locations around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the HR community for the enormous response we received to our survey and we hope you find the results as interesting as we did.

Whether it is job satisfaction, ambition, money, interaction with others or a combination of all of these, we all have different reasons for working. Alongside driving the business forward, the other chief responsibility of any HR professional’s job is to look after the welfare of the employees of a business, be it through recruiting them effectively, remunerating them competitively, developing their skills or creating an environment for them to be able to add maximum value to a business.

With 77% of respondents agreeing that they are satisfied with their work/life balance, the UK gave the most positive response. The UK is, however, the least content with their work with 13% declaring their job satisfaction to be poor or very poor, the highest of the regions. Overall 9% of respondents feel that HR is not valued at all by their employers. 16% of those in Employee Relations and 15% of Training & Development professionals fall into this category. 21% of Change Management respondents feel that HR is exceptionally valued.

We asked, do you think HR is as valued as other business service functions such as finance, marketing and legal? Reward and Training & Development had the strongest opinion here with 64% and 66% answering ‘no’ respectively. However 62% of Health & Safety and Change Management professionals believe HR to be as valued as other business service functions.

When asked about what HR professional’s value most about their job, intellectual challenge was valued highest among HR professionals (25%), followed by variety of work (20%). Region comparisons reflected the overall responses, aside from the UK where variety of work was the most valued being chosen by 24%.
67% of HR professionals declare their job satisfaction to be excellent or good, with a small 9% stating poor or very poor.

93% of respondents in the UK are satisfied to be working in HR, while 72% would select HR as their chosen career if they started theirs again. UK respondents also stated that HR is not as valued as it could be within their firms. Just 44% believe the function to be exceptionally or highly valued, while 13% believe it is not valued at all.

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