Talent Management with PA Consulting

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Frazer Jones were delighted to host a joint seminar with PA Consulting on Wednesday 20th April 2016. The seminar focused on talent management within professional services firms and the opportunities and challenges that holds.

The event was attended by a select number of HR Directors, Heads of HR and Talent Directors from a diverse range of professional services a firms. Cindy Mahoney, Partner within the People and Talent practice led the session which looked at the research that PA had conducted with a broad range of CEO's and HR Directors looking at what organisations were doing in the talent space. This ranged from how the CEO's had forged their careers and how they saw the development and retention of talent within their organisation. Tied in to this was the use of metrics and MI to help target and understand talent, as well as looking at the use of 'career Angels' to share knowledge on how individuals can develop their careers.

The attendees represented partnerships and firms ranging from global legal firms to boutique, three figure headcount consulting firms. This gave great opportunity for debate and variation in approach to talent management. Some of the key reflections shared across the group was the nature and structure of partnerships made the development and implementation of talent management programmes more complicated than in a corporate organisation. The ability to produce accurate metrics needed to support talent management was often restricted by a lack of HRIS infrastructure. One factor reflected by an attendee was that commercial pressures, in particular from clients, would be a key factor that would focus Partners within her firm around more effective management of talent.

The session threw up a number of questions as well as sharing excellent insights and ideas on how the management and development of talent is evolving. Rest assured the debate will continue and we at Frazer Jones look forward seeing how this impacts the wider HR debate.