HR Professionals Breakfast - Hong Kong - December 2014

On Wednesday 3rd December 2014, Frazer Jones Hong Kong held a breakfast for HR Professionals in Hong Kong.

The breakfast was held at Alfie's and organised by Shook Liu, Manager of Frazer Jones. It was a pleasure to welcome Elizabeth Alam to present around the changes in the graduate recruitment landscape. Mark Brewer, CEO of Frazer Jones and the wider SR Group, was also in attendance and was pleased to take Q&A from the guests. Elizabeth has worked in recruitment for over 20 years, the past 11 of which have been spent within the Banking sector managing the hiring and development of emerging talent for the Asia Pacific region.

In her highly interesting speech, Elizabeth spoke about the changing landscape over the past 10 years of graduate recruitment and development. Elizabeth addressed the changing paradigm of previously biased recruitment within Asia of international multinationals. Rather than hiring just ‘on type’ from the US and UK, there is now a regionalised agenda on the hiring of local talent. This has extended further to include considerations such as Diversity and Inclusion, inclusive of gender & ethnicity balance.

In addition, there has been significant revision of the way that Corporates attract, assess and retain junior talent. Elizabeth iterated that the hiring of interns and graduates has developed into a complex and sophisticated process. To stay abreast, Corporates have needed to think about their hiring practices from all angles – this includes the rationale for hiring, the infrastructure offered and the cradle to grave development across all talent. For Banks in particular who hire graduates en masse, it has been an evolving consideration to consider the profile that matches the role e.g. a candidate for Retail Banking will be markedly different to a candidate for Operations etc. Once on board, the different and unique profiles for each business area require different development initiatives.

The exciting and developing area that has grown out of necessity around the psychology of emerging talent and development is not only changing the shape of recruiting at this level but also how this talent develops over their career life cycle. The same practices are being adopted across the lateral hiring sphere.

If you would be interested to hear of events like this in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch.