About the report

The Frazer Jones Global Report produced in association with Changeboard aims to bring together the views and opinions of HR professionals around the world and to examine HR's impact.

FJ Global HR Report

Frazer Jones’ Global HR Report provides a snapshot of human resources in the UK, USA and around the globe. It highlights people managers’ attitudes to their profession and the HR marketplace, employment trends and variations in career progression and job satisfaction by age, gender, sector, specialism and
geographical location.

Thousands of HR professionals of varying levels of seniority and from across our global locations – including London, Bristol, Manchester, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and New York – took part in our online survey, allowing us to view the HR profession within a global context. There are common threads and notable differences that provide relevant insights into the current state of HR around the world – from professional morale to priorities for HR strategy.

In an increasingly interconnected world, disrupted by ever-advancing technology, our findings aim to give HR professionals an overview of trends and experiences within human capital, to inform policy and practice.
The Global HR Report builds on the success of Frazer Jones’ 2016 HR Handbook – a definitive guide to the demographics, remuneration, sentiment and satisfaction of HR professionals in the UK and Ireland – by enhancing understanding of human capital around the world.