Executive Summary

As competition for talent grows within a candidate driven market, there is need for a buoyant, professional and strategic HR workforce recruiting the best people into their organisations and developing and retaining these individuals. The question is: do we currently have an HR workforce at the top of its game, able to retain and develop talent in its own teams, as well as in other areas of the organisation it serves?

To find out, we need to study HR’s demographics and characteristics to ascertain its motivating features, and elements that detract from its appeal. We need to know whether people are happy working in HR, and in which specialisms and sectors.

Are there sufficient rewards, training and career development, global mobility and diversity and inclusion to make HR a career destination of choice for the next generation? How is HR developing strategically, and how does this differ between countries with a mature HR workforce? This is what our research sought to ascertain. This report draws on survey responses from thousands of HR professionals, across 11 countries and a mix of sectors and specialisms.