Working in the Middle East

The Middle East recruitment market is significantly improving and offers HR professionals superb career opportunities with international and Middle Eastern firms. It is fast paced, exciting and continues to attract serious global organizations to the region.

The main commercial centres in the Middle East include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. The gulf is approximately a 7 hour flight from the UK and 15 hours from Australia/New Zealand.

As the most Westernised of all Middle Eastern countries, the UAE continues to attract a wealth of inward investment. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the two principal centres of the country’s seven Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital and political centre, the source of most oil wealth and instigator of legislation. Dubai, on the other hand, is a more diversified economy, having cultivated a very international and enterprising environment. Dubai has also marketed itself aggressively as a top tourist destination.

The development of Dubai as a place to live and work has been considerable. From being more of an outpost where people may come to earn some tax free money, it has developed into a cosmopolitan hub with luxury villas and apartments, fantastic sporting and retail facilities and a lifestyle which is the envy of many countries around the world.

The Middle East is an incredibly exciting area of the world whose job markets are open up to ever increasing expat participation. As a candidate, there are many reasons for choosing to work there:

  • More responsibility in smaller offices
  • Opportunities with blue-chip international companies
  • Closer involvement in the broader business issues
  • Tax free remuneration packages
  • Outdoor lifestyle

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