Frazer Jones - Global HR Workstyle Survey

Frazer Jones Workstyle Report – How does HR feel about its profession?

As a global HR search and recruitment specialist with teams based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, London and Düsseldorf Frazer Jones’ are in a unique position to assess and report on how HR professionals really feel about their work their environment and their profession, with comparisons drawn across key locations around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the HR community for the enormous response we received to our survey and we hope you find the results as interesting as we did.

Whether it is job satisfaction, ambition, money, interaction with others or a combination of all of these, we all have different reasons for working. Alongside driving the business forward, the other chief responsibility of any HR professional’s job is to look after the welfare of the employees of a business, be it through recruiting them effectively, remunerating them competitively, developing their skills or creating an environment for them to be able to add maximum value to a business.

Of global responses, 21% were from HR professionals based in Asia, predominantly in Singapore and Hong Kong. Surprisingly, over half of Asia’s respondents feel that they do not have the necessary resources to do their jobs properly, which when compared globally is the highest of any region, at 55%.

On a more positive note, 59% of respondents believe HR is as valued as other business support functions, which was the highest of any of the regions surveys

In terms of salary and working conditions, 53% of respondents in Asia feel that they are paid adequately, however a high proportion (at 89%) work over 41 hours per year.

When asked, what sector would you be most keen to work in, respondents in Asia Financial Services, with Retail/FMCG closely following, at 26% and 21% respectively. Manufacturing was the least in demand sector. 53% of respondents chose Health & Safety as the specialism that they would least like to work in.

64% of Asia’s HR professionals are happy with their work/life balance although 68%, the highest of any region, feel that they are not on holiday when they are away from the office.

For a full copy of the global report, click on the related link on this page.