Talent Pipeline

One key advantage of working with an external provider to build a talent pool is the provider’s commercial interest in constantly mapping the candidate market as widely as possible to gain access to great talent for their entire client group.


We have been a specialist in our markets since 1996 and are constantly attracting talent for various assignments through advertising, networking and search supporting clients in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Staying in touch

We stay in contact with our network through independent career and market advice and top level events. As we represent a very high percentage of the global leading brands, candidates have a high interest in updating us on their career.


We will meet and interview candidates we expect to add your talent pool. Depending on your needs, we suggest, as we do with a number of clients in similar projects, to go through the profiles we have mapped once a quarter to make you aware what talent is in the market and is accessible for you at short notice.

Career Alerts

As an independent partner for you and our candidates we can stay in touch with all relevant candidates in the created candidate pool and make you aware should anything change in their careers i.e. they are available, promoted, or are interviewing with other organisations.