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Innovative Social Responsibility
Earlier this year we started to look at how we could evolve our social responsibility programme. We thought carefully about how we could leverage the incredible network that we had built over the years and fully utilise the established resources we have available.

An essential element of our strategy was to develop initiatives that would align with the work of our HR network. We wanted to enhance individual personal development and develop an education piece for our clients around wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and social mobility in partnership with the charity sector.

We have wanted to do things that provide some real-time practical solutions to very current challenges and create meaningful social impact, these include;

  • Trustee Board Development
  • Facilitating skills based volunteers
  • Encouraging cross-sector collaboration
  • Sharing our resources

HR Volunteer Network
This is a free initiative and aims to support charities with an annual turnover of less than £1 million. These organisations may need HR advice and support but are restricted by limited resources and minimal budgets We enable charities to access the HR professionals in our network who have agreed to offer their time and valuable resources. We currently have over 300 volunteers registered (as of July 2017).

Expert Charity Speaker Network
Our series of quarterly breakfasts will showcase the incredible work of the specially selected charities that we partner with. All of our charity speakers will be experts in very current and topical people-focused challenges.

The aim of each event will be to give the professionals in our network valuable insight into each of the charities specialist areas and empower the audience to effect real change within their organisations. We want to provide them with valuable tools and knowledge that will support them to grow and develop areas such as improved and enhanced employee health & wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, employability and social mobility.

Our Space is Your Space
As a simple concept, we invite charities of all shapes and sizes to use our office space for external meetings, away days and events for no cost. This challenges the theory that there is no such thing as a free lunch. We provide breakfast, refreshments throughout the day and lunch.

In the last year we have supported over 20 independent charities with this initiative and enabled the Small Charities Coalition and several charity networking groups to deliver crucial training and support to over 200 small non-profit organisations - all enabling the sector to do more. We make sure that all our charity guests feel welcomed into our business, our space is their space for the day.

Our goal is to connect our HR network with the charity sector so that collectively we can create a sustainable and measurable impact. Our initiatives should enrich volunteering experiences and generate opportunities for partnership between people & organisations, with charities and social enterprises.

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