Our Space Is Your Space

Want to run your next HR, trustee or SMT meeting in our offices? We are saving the charity sector £50,000p.a. by providing our city office space.

As a simple concept, we invite charities of all shapes and sizes to us our office space for external meetings, away days and events for no cost. This challenges the theory that there is no such thing as a free lunch. We provide breakfast, refreshments throught the day and lunch.

In the last year we have supported over 20 independent charities with this initiative and enabled the Small Charities Coalition and several charity networking groups to deliver crucial training and support to over 200 small non-profit organisations - all enabling the sector to do more. We make sure that all our charity guests feel welcomed into our business, our space is their space for the day.

Providing a range of different-sized rooms, we can accomodate small meeting groups to full-sized away day set-ups for teams of up to 40. They have full use of our facilities, including AV equipment and internet access.

Our space is your space

Our offices, located in the heart of the city by Mansion House station feature a great space for your team days, trustee meetings or interviews. This initiative is part of our 'Getting to know you better' scheme run exclusively for the charity sector.

Get in touch with Jo Major on 020 7332 2165 today if you would like more information.

*Office space is subject to availability and can be booked between 8.30am - 6pm. We also supply PC and internet access along with free tea, coffee, breakfast or lunch!