HR Volunteer Network

Team Up
We have relationships with an exceptional range of HR talent across the Commerce, Industry, and Professional and Financial Services sectors. We currently have around 160,000 HR professionals in our network, which is a unique and invaluable resource.

Many amongst our HR community want to know more about connecting with organisations whose mission goes beyond profit. However, their current networks and sector understanding limits their access to many of the charities who could benefit from their support. We hope that Team Up will close the gap and create that connection.

Team up

Free support for small charites
This is a free initiative and aims to support charities with an annual turnover of less than £1 million. These organisations may need HR advice and support but are restricted by limited resources and minimal budgets. We also help those with a limited network looking to add an HR professional to their board of trustees.

Connecting charities to the very best HR pro-bono support
We believe in the value of skills-based volunteering. We have unique access to professionals that have the much needed HR expertise to help charities grow and achieve more. We want to help people utilise their volunteering days, from short-term one-off projects such as support with writing job descriptions, policy development and talent development plans, all the way through to free telephone HR advice on a range of matters or HR training & development days. We aim to offer a range of differentopportunities that can accommodate individual’s area of expertise, level of commitment and available time.

Our HR volunteer network
We will enable charities to access the HR professionals in our network who have agreed to offer their time and valuable resources. We currently have over 300 volunteers registered (as of July 2017) with the scheme and the continued growth of this list is a priority for us. At every stage of our candidate registration process and through subsequent communication, we are actively inspiring people to get involved with the project.

Encouraging trusteeships
We understand that a trusteeship is one of the most important voluntary roles in the charity sector. Building board capacity and skill set is a priority within the sector, and opening access to board members beyond the charity’s immediate network ensures diversity. We need to make sure that all of our potential volunteers are aware that there are many small charities working for diverse causes who could really benefit from their time and skills in a Trustee capacity. This understanding is key to our work.

Next Steps
If you are a small charity looking to develop your Trustee board or have a short term HR pro bono opportunity please click here to complete the form and we will get in touch. Once we have spoken or met with you we will circulate the details to our volunteers and encourage them to get in touch with you.