Our social purpose agenda

Social Agenda

Leveraging our network to impact our society and collectively develop a social purpose programme.

Innovative Social Responsibility
Earlier this year we started to look at how we could evolve our social responsibility programme. We thought carefully about how we could leverage the incredible network that we had built over the years and fully utilise the establised resources we have available. We wanted our ideas to have measurable results that positively impact our society.

An essential element of our strategy was to develop initiatives that would align with the work of our HR network. We wanted to enhance inidividual personal development and develop an education piece for our clients around wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and social mobility in partnership with the charity sector.

Connective Social Purpose
We realised that we could do more than just bolt-on charity initiatives and donations. Can our clients & candidates be doing more? Is there a way that we collectively develop a social purpose programme that would lead to innovative change?

Impact Everywhere
We didn't want to build our agenda around what we thought the charity sector may need. We wanted to do things that provide some real-time practical solutions to very current challenges and create meaningful impact. So we spent time in the sector, consulting with charity leaders, listening to experts who have helped create some of the leading commercial partnerships in their industry. Many of these experts are active within our networks, and are already leading the way through innovative and creative programmes.