Guidance for Charities

Charity Questionnaire
Before we connect you to our HR Volunteers we will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire. Please make sure that you complete the brief questionnaire in full, with as much detail as possible. It needs to be clear and attention grabbing. The more information we have, the better we can market your charity and the volunteering opportunity. Unfortunately, we are unable to circulate anything to our volunteers until we have received this.

Once we have all the information, we will send this out on your behalf. Please note, it will then be the charity’s responsibility to manage enquiries and select the best possible person for the volunteer opportunity. This project is for trustee roles & short-term HR related pro-bono work only.

Your Resources and Timeframes
Naturally we want all our HR Volunteers to have the best possible experience. For most, it will be their first volunteering experience and we want them to continue to offer their valuable services to this project. We ask that you take care of them and make sure that you have enough resources in place to manage the emails and calls that may come through from them.

Please think carefully about how you select your volunteer, the questions you will ask them and the criteria you will use to assess their suitability – our HR Professionals have a broad range of experience levels and specialist areas. We can advise on this if you need guidance.

Getting Back to Volunteers
We request that you acknowledge each of the enquiries that you receive within a reasonable timeframe. We will manage expectations when we market your opportunity. We understand it may be tricky to say no to many offers of support, but we will have plenty more for the volunteer network in the future.

We understand that Trustee recruitment can be complex. It is important that your charity carries out the necessary due-diligence checks and that you have a formal recruitment process in place for Trustee appointment. You can find clear advice on the Charity Commission website. Please note, many of our volunteers do not have trustee experience, we advise clear induction and onboarding processes.

Letting Us Know About the Outcomes
Measuring the outcomes of our HR Volunteer Network is important to us. We want to be able to measure the impact it is having so we can do more in the future. We ask that you stay in touch and let us know about your successes. Alternatively, if we need to look at our processes or look at changing our approach let us know.

If you need our advice or support contact Jo Major, Social Responsibility Lead at