What we do and why it works

We deliver both a retained and result oriented/contingent service for clients depending on the seniority of the position and nature of the search. We are proud to say we can tailor what we deliver based on the needs of our clients when it comes to sensitivity, unique candidate requirements, market insight and benchmarking needs.

What we do and why it works - A large global HR network

A large global HR network

Thanks to our pure focus on HR we exclusively speak to HR professionals’ day in and day out which helps to strengthen our candidate base

We have more than 70 specialist HR consultants across 11 global offices

This means we move faster and deliver better quality than our competitors and can support individuals throughout their careers in both hiring for their teams and developing their careers

What we do and why it works - From Career start to finish

From career start to finish - appointing leaders & their teams

Unlike many contingent recruitment firms we search and select a broad network of senior HR and board level professionals

Unlike many search firms with a broader functional focus we also work at a sub-Director/SVP level in appointing specialists, managers and regional partners

Our HR focus allows us to support and follow people throughout their careers

What we do and why it works - Leveraging a talent pool

Leveraging a talent pool for your benefit

We leverage our large HR network for referrals for positions we deliver. 36% of our appointments in 2015 came referred through our network

We use our HR specialization and large network to informally reference HR professionals as we know the professionals who work around them and have worked with them in previous organizations