CHRO in professional services virtual roundtable

CHRO in professional services virtual roundtable

James Baker Company News

Our second round table brought us together to focus on the leadership within our respective firms.  A noticeable reflection from the attendees was how a different style and approach of leadership was being shown now comparted to the GFC. Whilst before it was felt leaders had been very directive and “one size fits all” in their communication style, a different, more positive tone and approach has been adopted by the leaders of many firms who were represented on the call. More specifically, enabling more junior management stratas to engage with their people at a more localised level and fostering a more human and inclusive culture than was seen in 2009.  

Another key reflection was how to capture and retain this more positive, fluid and agile culture, moving away from the presenteeism seen in so many “traditional” firms. There was a recognition that the recent events have seen many leaders willingly step up to the task of engaging and leading their people with the aim of reassuring, but also enabling decisions to be made locally. Collaboration was also an oft used phrase, both in the context of virtual collaboration at the moment, but excitement about how collaboration could work more effectively in the future with firms getting more out of their people and being able to cross-polinate ideas more by blending their working practices.

Plenty more to discuss when we next meet, if you are keen to be involved please get in touch with James here.