Agile Leadership in partnership with Project X Partners

Agile Leadership in partnership with Project X Partners

Global trends are disrupting the world of work, and organisations have identified a need to increase their business agility to adapt and survive. Of course, HR and business leaders are essential in supporting and facilitating this transformation.

In response to this, we hosted four breakfast roundtable events in partnership with organisational change and people specialists, Project X Partners.

Our aim was to learn more about agile HR leadership & culture, with a focus on leadership agility.

During the sessions, Project X Partners shared their expertise in and experience of agile leadership. It was also an opportunity for HR practitioners to share ideas, approaches and experiences of agile working with peers.

During the sessions we explored:

  • What we mean by ‘Agile Leadership' – the mindset and behaviours
  • Why Agile Leadership is needed now, more than ever
  • How to navigate and leading through complexity
  • Opportunities for further learning in your Agility Leadership journey
  • Principles of Agile Leadership
  • Leadership Agility and creating an Agile Culture
  • Leading from within
  • Leading others
  • Leader-led learning culture

Read more about Agile Leadership and the sessions here.

For more information, including to express your interest in future sessions, please contact Dominique Seal.