60 seconds with a rising star – Olivia Rhein from Success Academy Charter Schools

May 18, 2023

In our most recent edition of “60 seconds with a rising star” we interview Olivia Rhein, Team Lead, Talent Acquisition at Success Academy Charter Schools.

When thinking about future of the workforce, post-pandemic, what skills do you feel HR need now more than ever?

The two skills that are the most important are active listening and self management. It is on us to make sure our clients are heard. It is also on us to make sure we execute at work and balance our personal and professional lives with the self management piece. 

What does success look like to you from a work and personal perspective?

Showing up as your best self in the office and at home. We are in the business of people, which requires us to be ‘on’ for those that we work with and the clients we partner with. We should be as empathetic and solution seeking with our coworkers as we are with our loved ones.

After a big day at work, how do you most enjoy winding down?

Reading a book on the ferry ride home is one of my favorite things to do. It is unplugged time just for me. I enjoy scheduling dinners with my friends and family as well. It is something to look forward to. Being extroverted makes me successful at work, but it also means I am recharged when I am surrounded by the people I love.

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