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For over twenty years we have been at the forefront of global HR recruitment, and this success is down to one thing: our people.

Our people are a team of expert recruitment consultants, supported by an in-house team of bids, marketing and client services professionals who work across the whole of the SR Group. This means that you’re part of a much larger, global business with a shared culture, values and international offices.

How We Work

We understand that each and every employee is different, and that what motivates and works for one person may not work for another.

At Frazer Jones, we encourage you to work independently. You have the freedom to build your own client base and manage your own time all within a highly supportive team environment.

We also don’t set KPIs. Instead, we evaluate performance in the round, looking at how best you can develop and build your skills.









Years in operation

Career Development

All Frazer Jones partners work as consultants, interacting with clients and more junior employees every day. This exposure to senior and experienced consultants accelerates your ability to learn on the job, ensuring someone is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Our comprehensive training programmes helps prepare all staff not only for their immediate job, but for a long career with Frazer Jones. Plus, our Talent in Pipeline programme lets you know exactly what you need to do to achieve promotion.


Our Values of Authentic, Collaborative, Agile and Expert were chosen by our people. The images represent teamwork, wellbeing and health which are a key feature of our working culture. 


We know different people have different stories to tell. We are passionate about our open, diverse and inclusive working environment. 

We give honest feedback to ensure the best possible outcomes for the people we interact wtih every day. 


From mobilising our global talent for an international search, to providing charities with access to our resources and networks, we recognise opportunities to support one another to achieve great outcomes. 

Collaboration and team work are at the heart of everything we do.


A flexible approach, from brand and desk, enables us to focus on the specific needs of our markets. 

We are transparent and present unique, tailored, mutually beneficial solutions to the challenges our clients and candidates face.


Our professionalism, maturity, deep market specialisation and quality of service enable us to deliver with a commitment to excellence. 

We are trusted advisors and work with accountability and integrity.


About the SR Group

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    Social Purpose

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    Volunteering Programme

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    Diversity & Inclusion

  • We have been selected as Finalist in a number of awards, won a number of industry accolades and been highly accredited.

    Some of our successes include the Great Place to Work quality seal in Germany, the Recruiter Investing in Talent Award for Most Effective Team Motivation Event for our Crazy 5 in Five event, the Recruiter Hot 100 , Recruitment International Asia awards for Legal Recruitment Company of the Year, and the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 list, ranking Britains mid-market private companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the last two years.

  • Our social purpose programme enables us to leverage the incredible networks that we have built over the years and fully utilise the established resources we have available. We developed the agenda to have measurable results that positively impact our society and enhance individual personal development.

    This includes our Volunteer Network pairing our expert candidates and clients with small charities; Expert Speaker Network showcasing the incredible work of the charities that we partner with; and Our Space is your Space giving charities free access to our meeting room space.

  • All of our people are invited to share their skills, interests and passions by volunteering for a cause they identify with, with everyone given a paid volunteer day. 
    Volunteering is a recognised stress-busting antidote to a busy day job and offers you the opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues away from the office, whilst making a valuable contribution to some amazing charitable organisations. 

    Volunteering compliments our wellness agenda and research shows altruism and stepping outside the' 9 to 5' as providing a feel-good factor and having a positive impact on emotional wellbeing. Good news if you hate the gym – you can get that buzz elsewhere! 

  • Our commitment to equality, diversity & inclusion ensures all policies and procedures protect individual rights against discrimination. We have a proactive approach and all consultants receive training. We are proud of the inclusive and diverse culture that we have in all of our offices around the world. 


One of the benefits of working for us is that you can move to some of the most exciting locations around the world. Below are all of our people who have made the move. Read some of their stories below.