Ella Tasker

Associate Director


Ella is a specialist in recruiting HR professionals into interim and permanent positions across Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. Having worked across Sussex and Surrey since 2016, she has an excellent understanding of the local market. Her recruitment career started in 2005 with a multinational recruitment company, focusing on recruiting accountancy and finance professionals. During her career, Ella has worked with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporate firms across various industry sectors and has also held senior management roles assisting in training new recruitment consultants.

Ella’s testimonials

Head of HR | Financial Services

“Ella is one of the best consultants I have had the pleasure of being placed by. When Ella reached out to me for my current role, she represented the business in a professional manner, sold the job and culture to me exactly as it was. Throughout the process I was kept informed, supported and communicated with and felt championed by Ella. She is passionate about her job, her clients and her candidates and I can’t recommend her enough – a real gem of a consultant who does things properly and with integrity.”

Talent Acquisition Specialist | Professional Services

“I have had the absolute pleasure of being recruited into a professional services firm by Ella Tasker in April 2022. The organisation I joined was my first in-house recruitment role, having worked with recruitment agencies for 20 years. Ella was very knowledgeable about the firm I joined and had a very strong grasp on our company’s culture and values. In fact, Ella perfectly matched my own personal values to the business I joined. She was very professional throughout the whole recruitment journey and provided strong and invaluable insights during the whole interview process. Most notably to Ella’s credit, I found her to be very easy to talk to throughout the interview journey.

As an experienced recruiter myself, I have taken many calls over the years from pushy recruitment to recruitment consultants, who try to deploy hard-line sales approaches to influence your thinking and push their own agendas. Ella’s approach is much more considered and she listens to what you say, instead of trying to influence you. She considers what is important to you personally, as well as what you need to know about her client. I have always found Ella’s approach to be genuine, honest and consultative. On the other-side of the coin, Ella knows when to challenge, to ensure she is also delivering a quality service to her client.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ella to any person who is looking for a new job, within her area of expertise. I think it’s also important to add that I would highly recommend Ella for any employer who is looking to recruit. A recruitment consultant is the earliest experience of a candidate’s journey with a new potential employer. Ella represented her client excellently and she was very well informed with any question that I put to her. Equally, I recall from my earliest conversations with Ella that she challenged me with strong and constructive questions, to ensure I was a good fit for her client. This was from an experience/technical level, but also as a cultural fit.

I have been very impressed with Ella about how she represents her client and how she challenges a potential candidate to ensure their suitability for a role, but then also how she supports the candidate throughout the interview journey. Ella’s candidate aftercare has also been amazing, as she has stayed in contact long after any rebate period will have expired. I feel a genuine sense of pride in her work. To note, I know I am not the only successful hire Ella has had with our firm.”

HR Business Partner | Travel

“Ella has stayed in touch with me for a number of years and has always maintained a high standard of professionalism but with great warmth and friendliness. If it wasn’t for Ella I wouldn’t now be working where I set mysights on some time ago. I wasn’t actively job-searching so wasn’t aware the role had even come up, but Ella remembered it was where I always wanted to work and did everything she could to support me to secure my dream job. I’ll be eternally grateful.”

People Coordinator | Recruitment

“I would like to say that Ella is the best recruitment consultant I have ever dealt with. She is totally amazing in every way. When she reached out to me with the role I am currently in, I was in a job that was making me very unhappy.She not only presented the company to me exactly how it is, she represented me to my manager way above my expectations. She called me when she said she would and gave me guidance for interviews. She has literally helped me find my old self. I am so happy and I cannot thank her enough. Ella you are a total diamond and please do not ever change.”

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