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I work within the financial & professional services division for the UK, focusing on mid to senior-level hires across the interim market. My areas of specialty include banking & insurance, accounting and legal. My role leverages three years of contingent retained work across our European and North American offices, with time spent working in New York City.

My career has involved managing retained, exclusive and contingent services across both the financial and professional services markets as well as commerce & industry. This has involved multiple placements of the repatriation of candidates and remote client management.

I lived in Switzerland for a year skiing and snow-boarding in the Alps and remain an avid sportsman. A passion is Fantasy Football too, which I actually consider a competitive sport.


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Tom Pierce

Tom Pierce

Talent Acquisition Director

George is the consummate Talent Adviser, able to not only uncover Top Talent in a timely manner but also cultivate meaningful relationships with entities on both sides of the hiring fence (Candidates and Managers alike). As a consultative subject matter expert I was impressed with the level of knowledge he demonstrated regarding the organization pursuing me. George knows how to become equally familiar and even intimate with his candidates as well. All of this serves to differentiate George even from other highly successful Recruiters and puts him at the top of this profession. I will maintain contact with George for the remainder of my life and am genuinely privileged to do so.

Tracey Roseborough Tam

Tracey Roseborough Tam

Regional Executive Director

I have had the pleasure of working with George on a HR assignment as a candidate. As a senior global HR leader I have had quite a bit of exposure to search professionals as a client, as a candidate and as a network contact to refer names. I think most of us would agree that this is an industry with wide variations in the calibre of talent as it is both an art and a science. I am so very impressed by George for a number of reasons. First, he understand HR in the corporate context. He knows his clients and matches not just by roles and experience but by culture and fit between the potential boss and the new hire and does this up front saving all parties valuable time. He skilfully manages the conversation to understand you, your motivations, your preferred working style and what might make sense for you from a career perspective in terms of next steps. He was able to quickly gain and share valuable insights. We had such a productive discussion. To gain that level of understanding and insight within a relatively short discussion can only come from someone with a special talent and who has honed his craft over many years. The industry could use a lot more like this!