Our consultants

I cover the junior market within the commerce & industry sector. These are usually roles such as administrators and assistants. It is mainly generalist HR that I cover so I have successfully developed my understanding of all the different elements that make up HR! However as we know with HR, there’s always something new to learn.

An important skill that I’ve developed in my experience so far is keeping in regular contact with people that I work with and understanding how vital it is to have rapport with someone, especially if I’m representing them in their job search or working with them on a role.

In my previous role I worked with various industries, particularly manufacturing, education, and professional services. They each have different needs and demands, therefore understanding the differences in each industry is vital in being a successful consultant.

Outside of work I enjoy trying new cuisines (at restaurants rather than home cooking) and feel right at home at street food markets. I recently did a skydive for charity and was able to raise £600! Amazing how popular you become when you plan on jumping out of a plane. I have also been involved in charities supporting young people as well as the elderly, and would love to continue getting involved in different events.