60 seconds with a rising star – Cindy Tran from Create Music Group

Februar 28, 2023

In our most recent edition of „60 seconds with a rising star“ we interview Cindy Tran, Recruiting & Human Resources at Create Music Group.

When thinking about the future of the workforce, post-pandemic, what skills do you feel HR needs now more than ever?  

Adaptability – to communication and the environment. Being adaptable to different styles of communication – recognizing that not every individual communicates the same way and one style of communication is not effective for everyone; constantly checking in and having good follow up; and being adaptable in a changing environment that can be ambiguous – a lot of moving pieces, while keeping up with the volume and staying organized.

What did you find most challenging during the pandemic when it came to work?

Ambiguity and lack of structure was very challenging. It allowed me to find new ways of organizing myself which I found was the best way for me to be successful in any environment and be able to manage multiple shifting priorities.

Has your HR career lived up to your expectations so far and what have you learned about yourself?

It’s constantly changing in a positive way, I learn more about my strengths as I continue to progress in my career and become more exposed and involved in different areas with new opportunities I’m being provided with. I’m the most efficient, strategic and strongest communicator now than I ever was before and I’ve really seen the positive impact it’s had during my tenure and on a personal level.

What does success look like to you from a work and personal perspective? 

From a work perspective – excelling and being knowledgeable at what you do to bring value and make a positive impact to the team and the company and providing your knowledge to others. Also receiving continuous growth and development opportunities to reach your career goals.

From a personal perspective – fulfilling aspects of your life that will grant you happiness whether it’s hobbies, experiences or motivational drives.

Please note that all commentary and opinions provided are those of the individual, and not the organization/company.

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