Payroll Salary & Market Report 2019-20 - Chris Tuckerman Interview

Payroll Salary & Market Report 2019-20 - Chris Tuckerman Interview

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Chris Tuckerman
Associate Director
Frazer Jones


What have been the biggest drivers of salary increases for payroll professionals?

I personally believe the biggest drivers are increased complexity and the evolution of technology. Year on year for the past 5 years we have seen major changes to UK payroll legislation, resulting in the payroll function becoming an integral and increasingly specialist part of any organisation.

Are salary trends reflecting a general upskilling of the payroll profession?

Yes. With more and more organisations choosing to revolutionise their current payroll model, whether this be in house or outsourced, we have seen an upturn in the need for senior payroll professionals to possess change management, process improvement and project management skills.

Is there evidence of increased employee benefit offerings in the payroll industry, and if so are there any noticeable trends?

It might come as a surprise to hear that In recent years, we have seen candidates taking more of an interest in the organisations flexible working policy, CSR and wellbeing initiatives, resulting in less of a focus on the traditional questions such as the bonus scheme or holiday entitlement.

Looking ahead, given that factors such as technology and legislation are set to continue to evolve, with further impact on the payroll function, how do you anticipate payroll salaries changing in the next 12-24 months?

I predict we will see salaries continue to grow across the UK, as the need for a payroll specialist strategic business partner becomes increasingly prevalent within the industry.


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