Interview with Anita Williams, Legg Mason

Interview with Anita Williams, Legg Mason

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Anita Williams
Payroll Management Accountant
Legg Mason

Do you see the vast majority of contractors paying more tax and NI as a result of the changes to IR35 rules in April 2020?

Yes, if they move away from contract roles and on to fixed-term and permanent positions.

Do you envisage a large population of career contractor’s IR35 status changing post April 5 2020?

I don’t think they will have any choice if businesses are no longer prepared to have contractors on their books.

Will there be a shift in responsibility for assessing IR35 status from contractors to clients?

I still believe that all contractors should be aware of the IR35 regulations, and adhering to the HMRC guidelines.

What happens if a contractor has a dispute with a client over their IR35 status?

It depends on the relationship between the client and the contractor and the dependency the client has on the position as to whether they can resolve. It could be quite a contentious area.

Where is the best place for contractors to gain further information about the changes to IR35 and how contractors will be affected?

There are a variety of sources where contractors can seek guidance – subscribe to contractorsweekly.com for updates; consult your accountants who should be keeping you abreast of the changes; read updates from the Government Gateway site.

For more information on IR35, read our article here.

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