Payroll Salary & Market Report 2019-20 - Wellness in the Workplace

Payroll Salary & Market Report 2019-20 - Wellness in the Workplace

Randa Ibrahim Market Insight, Salary Guide

Jen Christie
Founder of Rise Well Ltd.

The modern world has evolved far quicker than we have as humans. Our lifestyles are unsustainable unless we take time to mindfully care for our own physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Since we spend one third of our lives at work, it makes perfect sense that the workplace is the ideal setting to promote positive behaviour change.

Sitting indoors all day working at a computer screen in a stressful job like payroll can be very detrimental to our health. There are four things wrong with that sentence; sitting, indoors, stress and screen. As humans we just weren’t designed for this all day every day.

Working in an intense job like payroll, with the pressure of making sure everyone is paid on time and correctly, requires focus with no room for error. People who work in a job like this must take steps to protect their health. There are a multitude of things people can do proactively to improve their wellbeing but you have to choose what works for you, experiment with different things and then create habits. A few examples would be:

  • Choose your breakfast and lunch wisely by eating healthy wholefoods to keep energy levels stable, mood balanced and concentration high. Pick foods based on how you want to feel an hour later.
  • Drink lots of water or herbal teas and keep caffeine to a minimum for optimal cognitive function.
  • Get outside once or twice per day and expose yourself to vitamin D and get some perspective on any stress.
  • Get up and away from your screen and walk around the office every hour or so and don’t eat lunch hunched over at your desk.
  • Buy a desk plant. The connection to nature will lift your mood subconsciously and relax your nervous system.
  • Remind yourself every day why you are doing this job, what you are grateful for and connect with your sense of purpose.

We are in the midst of a health epidemic due to stress. Businesses can no longer afford to dismiss workplace wellbeing and employees must take self-responsibility.


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