WEBINAR: Have you ever thought about becoming a trustee?

WEBINAR: Have you ever thought about becoming a trustee?

Charlotte Faktor Career Advice, Market Insight

Frazer Jones partnered with Janet Thorne, CEO of Reach Volunteering to deliver an interactive live webinar on Thursday 7th November 2019. 

Reach is the leading skills-based volunteering charity in the UK. They are the single biggest source of trustees for the voluntary sector in the UK. Connecting people, skills and good causes is their mission and passion. We help charities and other non-profits find the skills they need to thrive. Every year hundreds of charities recruit volunteers through our service. These volunteers share their skills as trustees, advisors or mentors, carrying out short term projects or ongoing operational roles.

Being a trustee can be very rewarding. As a trustee you have the chance to support and shape the work and strategic direction of an organisation, and you can make a significant difference to a cause that matters to you. You may choose to get involved with a charity focused on a cause or an issue you are passionate about or because your life has been touched by the work of that voluntary organisation. It is also a great way to get involved in a community or find out more about the not-for-profit sector. You can read more about the programme here. 

This webinar covers: 

  • The responsibilities, considerations and commitments of the role; and
  • The different stages of becoming a trustee.

At the end of the webinar you will know whether the trusteeship is for you, how to choose a charity that suits you and how to find the right role and apply. If you want to find out more about how you can volunteer your incredible skills and experience as a trustee this webinar is definitely for you. Get in touch with us for more information.