International Women’s Day – Christa Stienen, LSG Sky Chefs

March 25, 2017

Frazer Jones is proud to be supporting International Women’s Day 2017. We have interviewed a series of our female clients asking them how they have been bold for change #BeBoldForChange

Frazer Jones interviewed Christa Stienen, Senior Vice President Corporate HR at LSG Sky Chefs

Do you have any secrets to having a successful career?
My prime advice would be: networking, networking and more networking. Be active, become involved, stay involved and make yourself visible.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?
Women frequently stand in their own way. You should make a clear decision for your career. Don’t let your career depend on your personal objectives.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for the generation of women behind you in the workplace?
Don’t rest on the previous generation of women’s laurels! Cherish what they have achieved and keep on fighting for equal rights.