Hiring a Safety Professional

April 30, 2018

Aside from showing your commitment to maintaining the health and safety of your employees, hiring a safety professional can reduce injuries and injury related costs and demonstrate your organisation is meeting legislative requirements. Despite this, there is still a lack of understanding in some organisations regarding the responsibilities of safety professionals.

To get you on your way to improving the effectiveness of your safety programs, the WHSE team at Frazer Jones has put together a few health check questions for you to consider.

How is your safety function performing?

A safety professional is able to achieve all this, in addition to providing robust business focused reporting to management and effective communication with relevant internal and external stakeholders.

A “gap analysis” can help you determine what deficiencies, risk exposure and opportunities for improvement there may be with your systems and processes. It can also provide peace of mind that your organisation has the required systems in place to meet legislative compliance and support a safe work environment for your employees, contractors and others, including customers and visitors to your workplace.

Still not sure how to go about hiring a safety professional to suit your organisation and business performance goals? Our extensive industry experience means we can help you to answer some of the frequently asked questions such as:

This unique knowledge combined with our established network, allow us to deliver the very strongest candidates to you based on job demands, skills required and your organisational fit.

We recruit high quality permanent, contract and executive health and safety professionals from Coordinator to Head of WHSE positions across Australia, including remote regional locations and internationally. We also source subject matter industry experts/contractors to assist you to meet your legislative requirements.

For more information on recruitment and targeted search in WHSE, workers’ compensation and injury management, please contact Michele Beale.