HR as a key constant in digital transformation

September 30, 2020

In a constantly evolving business world, every company is confronted with organizational change. If Coronavirus has taught us anything it is that more than ever that change is inevitable. Almost every one of our interactions suddenly became digital. Primary engagement with colleagues, candidates and clients took place through digital channels like Zoom, MS Teams or SharePoint.

Regardless of the current situation, an organizational change very often contains an aspect of digital transformation, in order to improve business processes and competitivity. The results and outcomes depend, to a high degree, on how employees react and how they do their jobs, both during and post-change. The process of digitalization can be overwhelming for employees and HR plays a crucial role to ensure that the rollout is successful.

In change situations, management is often confronted with a wide range of obstacles; fear being one of the most important. Especially in situations where technology replaces routine tasks, most employees fear the loss of their jobs. Another possible obstacle can be the habits and the ability of the employee to adapt. Whilst the company may begin to use new systems and methods, employees may continue to use the older methodologies. As every employee goes through a transformation process at a different speed, frequent video calls offering assistance, effective training or blended learning solutions will support those employees who are struggling with adapting to the new system.

Continuous communication about change and how employees can actually benefit from it will significantly help to ease potential fears. Having said that, in exceptional times, such as with the current Covid-19 crisis, communication is equally important, yet at the same time presents one of the biggest challenges. HR as a constant can guide and support management and employees in these times and help the organization move safely in the right direction.  

Which role does HR play in your organization regarding a successful transformation process? How are you dealing with digital transformation?

I look forward to your feedback and interesting discussions.