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Author David Stephen
July 7, 2022

My background

When I graduated from university in 2021 my career path seemed fairly clearcut. I had been working in translation for around two years and had always had a passion for languages. But after a few months of living in London, I realised that this was not what I wanted to do long-term. Although I enjoyed speaking French on a daily basis and getting exposure to a wide variety of legal, marketing and administrative documents, I realised I wanted to push myself and my career in a more collaborative, people-facing role.

After having investigated the job market, I realised more and more that my passions lay in recruitment and HR – something which a role with Frazer Jones would naturally offer. Throughout my interview process, it was clear that the company invests so much in their employees at all levels, as I met with multiple team members, having interesting conversations about my background and theirs, as well as what it would look like to work at Frazer Jones. The process felt individualised and I felt welcomed from the very first chat – something I look back on fondly.

What does it mean to be a Resourcer

Resourcers play an integral part across all teams in Frazer Jones. A main part of the role is candidate generation, talking to people who have applied for roles we have advertised or actively searching across platforms to provide consultants with new individuals to consider for jobs. Working alongside the consultants in your team, you get a real insight into the full recruitment process as you support multiple job searches at once. One thing I would emphasise is the flexibility in the role and room to grow organically. Having proven myself with registering and sharing candidates, I would eventually go on to sit in on briefing calls, interview preparations and increasingly liaise with candidates and eventually clients.

A highlight for me in my time as a Resourcer has been talking to people looking to change careers or change areas within HR. On a personal note, I am proud to say I am able to provide them with advice and guidance as to what it means to work in HR, the different opportunities available, and what the market is like at the moment. It’s small wins like these which remind me of how far I have come, and how much Frazer Jones has invested in me to become a Recruiter.

What makes Frazer Jones, Frazer Jones: Sharing the small wins 

As a Resourcer, it is sometimes hard to focus on your own achievements. Having just begun my recruitment career, naturally, I was working at a different pace than my senior colleagues, still learning the ropes and only starting to build out my brand. But all of my “small wins” were always celebrated. From my first placement to personal wins and recognition from clients, I always felt that my team supported and recognised my work, celebrating it across the wider company. This was the same for other Resourcers and it has been such a great feeling as we all go from strength to strength, supported and guided by everyone around us.

It’s a team effort

Similarly, the collaborative atmosphere amongst consultants in Frazer Jones is fantastic. In objective terms, there is no candidate ownership, but there is so much more to our company than this. I have found that I can always approach any of my colleagues, whether asking for help or discussing a new lead. Within and across teams, we help each other, sharing candidates and providing useful insight, as our priority is always to help individuals find their dream roles. Although you have to stay self-motivated in recruitment, ensuring you are delivering the best service to clients and candidates, the team spirit is never lacking in our office and has been a highlight for me during my time here.

In short, it has been great being a Resourcer at Frazer Jones. As I am now handling my own roles and building my own brand, I am proud to look back on my journey and grateful to have been supported and guided along the way by everyone in the team.

*David has now been promoted as an Associate Consultant, where he continues to support the team in sourcing top junior to mid level talent across the HR spectrum.

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