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Specialist Recruitment Services

As a result of the growth and development in payroll and payroll complexity, Frazer Jones have developed a specialist practice to support our client's hiring needs. With the increasing demand for data and reporting, the evolution of technology and the need to support employees across growing international jurisdictions, our team has both the deep sector expertise, as well as the global HR network to support our clients in all aspects of payroll. Whether it be a global Head of Payroll or a Payroll Assistant, we can help you appoint the right individual in such business critical payroll roles.

Recent appointments include:

- Vice President of Payroll - Financial Services
- Payroll and Benefits Manager - Charity
- Payroll Specialist - Insurance
- Payroll Team Leader - Healthcare
- Payroll Manager - Retail
- Senior Payroll Administrator - Pharmaceuticals
- Payroll Administrator - Property
- Payroll Consultant - FMCG
- Global Payroll Manager - Retail
- Payroll Accountant - Financial Services
- Payroll Assistant - Legal

Currently Recruiting

Key Contacts

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    Darren Wentworth

    Chief Operating Officer


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    James Baker

    Executive Director │ Head of Professional Services & Specialist Functions