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Early to mid-level in your career. We run our future talent network, run events, feature the latest jobs, provide career guidance and relevant content, as well as hear your stories.

Future Talent HR Recriutment & HR Search

If you are early to mid-level in your HR career, then we are here to help. We run our future talent network & events, feature the latest jobs, provide career guidance and relevant content to help progress you within your career.

We also help our clients to secure the best future talent for their businesses. We operate across all specialist areas of HR and our clients range from international financial institutions, consumer goods, emerging technology, telecommunications businesses to retail, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

Find out more and speak to a member of our Future Talent recruitment team, who are featured below.  

Specialist Functions

We also operate across key specialist functions:

Payroll & Benefits HR Recruitment & HR Search

The Payroll & Benefits division at Frazer Jones continues to maintain long and established partnerships with core associated functions such as HR and Finance.

Payroll & Benefits

HRIS & Analytics HR Recruitment & HR Search

We have expertise and an unparalleled network of Reward and HRIS Analytics professionals throughout the UK and Europe, at all levels, across industries.

Reward, HRIS & Analytics

Human Capital HR Recruitment & HR Search

We work with a hugely diverse range of Management Consultancies and Human Capital Consulting companies, from global brands to boutiques around the world, attracting the best talent in the market.

Human Capital

Third Sector HR Recruitment & HR Search

Our exisitng Third Sector network and knowledge blended with our expertise enables us to consult more effectively.

Third Sector

Join our Future Leaders Programme

As you begin your early career in HR, we invite you to join our Future Talent Network to explore HR topics and trends in a useful and meaningful way. We’re interested in supporting you on your own personal path to success, whatever route you take. 

The benefits of working with Frazer Jones go beyond just an excellent recruitment process. We will be offering you the opportunity to tap into our network and leverage our position in the market to connect with each other and wider relevant parties and professionals. Find out more about Networking.

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Join our Future Leaders programme

Meet Our Future Talent Team

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    Andy Waterhouse

    Senior Consultant


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    Rowena Spurgeon



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    Jon Coles



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    Stephanie Hooper


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    Adam Napora


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    Georgie Longman-Turner


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    Anita McCulloch

    Senior Consultant



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