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Frazer Jones are a global recruitment consultancy with a unique proposition and reach. We are proud to have a dedicated team of specialists with deep knowledge within the specialist HR areas.

Global HR Search & Recruitment specialists

Frazer Jones is a global recruitment consultancy with a unique proposition and reach. We are proud to have a dedicated team of HR specialists with deep knowledge within the compensation, benefits, global mobility, executive compensation, payroll, pensions, HR information systems, analytics and management information arena. Working across Commerce and Industry, Financial and Professional Services, we are able to offer expert HR advice in both the consulting and in-house sectors. Our consultative, advisory approach enables us to add value beyond traditional recruitment delivery. Find out more about our specialist recruitment areas; Payroll & Benefits, InterimReward, HRIS & Analytics, Human Capital and Third Sector.

HR Recruitment & HR Search Methodology

our specialist recruitment services

Payroll & Benefits

As a result of the growth and development in payroll and payroll complexity, Frazer Jones have developed a specialist practice to support our client's needs.

Rewards, HRIS & Analytics

Our Rewards, HRIS & Analytics practice has assisted many Reward, HRIS & Analytics professionals with successful moves across a hugely diverse range of industries, both in the UK and across the globe.

Human Capital

We are experts in attacting the best consulting professionals in the market. Depending on the seniority, location and nature of the requirement, we provide a range of services across retained and contingent search for our clients.


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    Darren Wentworth

    Global Partner


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    Clare Thornton



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    Michael Illert


    Continental Europe

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    Simon Stephens

    Head of Middle East

    Middle East

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    Angela Franks

    Head of Australia


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    Sean Tong

    Partner, Head of Asia


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    Brad Law