Reimagine people and performance

Author Margot Milders
September 25, 2020

We are pleased to share our recent webinar Reimagining people and performance with LeasePlan, hosted by Tjahny Bercx, CHRO of LeasePlan Corporation and Country Cluster Executive responsible for the businesses in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Switzerland and Austria. Since 2019 he is member of the Supervisory Board of ProRail.

Tjahny together with 7,000 employees across thirty-two countries is on the verge of a massive digital transformation. A change that not only has an impact on the company and its work processes, but also calls for a corporate culture that embraces change and employees with new digital competencies and skills.

In this webinar Tjahny has shared the step by step process of Leaseplan’s HR digital transformation including;

The webinar

You can download the slides of Tjahny’s full presentation: 

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Tjahny’s Q&A

We have also received a number of fantastic questions from our attendees and please find Tjahny’s answers below – we hope you enjoy the read. 

How do you install a trust-based organisation?

This is a difficult one as every organisation has its own dynamics. Next to this, it is important that you keep working on the aspect of trust. So a few items that we did are the following:

  1. We organised a so-called leadership program. We believe that our employees should take ownership of their personal growth, skills and talents. They should be the leader of there own destiny and so this leadership journey is all about the WHY of the digital transformation and the role that YOU play in this and how to COOPERATE with each other. On the later, it is important that you have trust in each other. For this, we organise “live line” sessions. Here all our staff have to find deep in themselves why they are who they are. We start with the ENNEAGRAM and after this, they need to understand first who they are and why they behave as they behave. What is the fundament of this behaviour. Finally, all employees share this, ranging from deep emotional experiences to happy stories. We use psychologist to support this process.
  2. We organise continuous “sense of community” gatherings via Microsoft teams where we do yoga, high-intensity training, book lectures and so on
  3. And more activities are done to build trust….
What was the most impactful training you did? And did you advise the board members?

The most impactful for me are the liveline sessions as mentioned above. They really move in to tears and laughter, but also a deep understand of my colleagues around me. In this case our CEO had these experienced and practised within Unilever, so I have to give the credits to him

What is your view on the role of HRBP’s in the future? Personally, I am not convinced that role is needed in 5 to 10 years.

At LeasePlan Corporation we do not have HRBP’s anymore. We took these functions out last year. I am convinced that in the future of work there will be no place for HRBP’s anymore.

How do your team deal with the changes, and how do you help them with this?

Our imagination and visioning started already two years ago. So our HR directors in the 32 countries are well aligned and anxious to push further. Strangely enough, but perhaps also not, its middle management who have difficulties with the idea.

What companies do you consider best in class in digital transformation?

I do not think that there is a best in class if you consider from an existing analogue organisation fully transforming towards digital. Naturally, many are doing it but what you see is mainly front end changes. There are not many businesses who have the guts to change their core IT systems towards digital solutions. So best in class I do not see. But that is also the beauty of this whole digital transformation: we all have to start from scratch. Where it ends: who knows?

How did you get sr. mgt a long? As investments tend to be harder to get for support functions.

You are completely right. This is not an easy one. Partly I was lucky as in 2017 we started a group project to changes our federal multi-local company strategy towards on group strategy. Here we firmly stated that we need one “single source of truth” as we did a lot on spreadsheets. So we implemented workday and now everybody sees the benefits and what it can bring more towards the future. So although we are pushing hard towards a next-generation digital architecture, we in HR have a huge head start. Now we are pushing further on this success and we are seen as an example in our organisation.

Do you have workday in full operation in some countries? And if so how did you define/implement the required HR process?

We implemented workday in FULL over our 32 countries in one big bang. If you want to be successful in digital transformation you need to harmonise and standardise to the max. that is what we did without exception. This was not easy, but it worked and now we see the huge benefits. Especially now we are moving to people analytics and next year we want to go towards predictive people analytics. This will be a complete new ball game within our industry. 

Should you have any questions about the webinar or if we can support with hiring on your team or your own career search, please contact Margot Milders