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Many leading brands are already partnering with specialist charities to build products and develop their services. Access insight and expertise that could support your business and enable you to lead innovative HR solutions. We have a broad network of expert charity partners that we can connect you with, if you would like to list your charity, or talk to us about collaborative charity partnerships get in touch.

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Our main initiative Spear, helps young unemployed people from disadvantaged backgrounds get into work. Engage your staff  by getting them involved with meaningful volunteering experiences, including delivering mock interviews or hosting a company visit. Alternatively, Resurgo Consulting could provide your staff team with coaching services to increase trust and improve outcomes using the expertise of our accredited coaches.

In today’s competitive early careers space, innovative outreach programmes are required to cut through the noise, access hard-to-reach diverse talent and recruit engaged apprentices and graduates ahead of the competition. As a social enterprise and the UK’s leading emerging talent specialist we believe in giving equal power and opportunity to all young people, through both face-to-face and digital engagement in schools, colleges and universities. Find out more.

Benefacto is a social enterprise on a mission to help your company work effectively in your community. We offer two services. First, we support you to do high-impact, high-participation employee volunteering. We provide instantly-bookable volunteering opportunities in London, Leeds and Manchester, and the support to build a volunteering culture. Second, we have an array of simple, online tools to help you to record, value and benchmark your community investment. Find out more.

Business in the Community - the Prince's Responsible Business Network - is a business-led membership organisation made up of progressive businesses of all sizes who understand that the prosperity of business and society are mutually dependent. In the spirit of being a responsible business, BITC members are signed up to Being the best they can be in delivering social, environmental and economic sustainability across all areas of their business. Join with other businesses to bring together their collective strength and be a force for good. To find out more about how your business can get involved visit www.bitc.org.uk 

890,000 people of working age are currently living with a cancer diagnosis in the UK - and around 700,000 carers of people with cancer are also working, either full-time or part-time. Macmillan at Work (MAW) has been specifically designed to help line managers and HR professionals feel equiped and confident in supporting employees affected by cancer to stay in and/or return to work, if they wish to do so. Once you join Macmillan at Work, you'll be able to access a range of free information and resources, including our Essential Work and Cancer Toolkit. You can also book our specialist work and cancer training sessions, including our three-hour in-house workshop or, for larger organisations, our bespoke or Train the Trainer options. You can find more information at here.

Three out of five people have experienced mental health issues due to work. But just one in ten tell their manager. Samaritans has launched Wellbeing in the City, an online learning tool that gives employees the skills to intervene when someone is struggling, actively listen and manage difficult conversations. It also helps people manage their own mental wellbeing. The aim is to create happier, healthier workplaces where no one has to cope alone. Businesses and individuals can sign up for free here.

Evenbreak is an award-winning social enterprise run by and for disabled people, helping inclusive employers to attract and retain more talented disabled candidates. Advertising your vacancies on our specialist job board attracts diverse candidates you may not find elsewhere and also positions you as an inclusive employer of choice. Subscribing to our online best practice portal enables all your employees to become more confident and competent around inclusion and accessibility.