Our Talent, Your Future; 'Future Talent'; Technical Session 1 - GDPR – What this means for HR

Our Talent, Your Future; 'Future Talent'; Technical Session 1 - GDPR – What this means for HR

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We were delighted to welcome back for a second year running Adam Williams, Partner at DMH Stallard who spoke to our Frazer Jones Future Talent group in the first technical session of the series on the subject of ‘GDPR - What this means for HR’. This was yet again a thoroughly enjoyable, interactive and thought-provoking session which has given our Future Talent group lots to think about in preparation for the GDPR deadline on 25th May 2018.

Adam was quick to state that GDPR is going to be an evolution and not a revolution, so a lot of the current principles of Data Protection Act 1998 will remain the same. Having provided an overview of the current landscape and future landscape he then spoke to the group about the key changes which include:

·        Risk-based approach to compliance

·        Accountability and data protection ‘by design’

·        Privacy ‘by default’

·        Greater emphasis on transparency

·        Right of individuals

·        Consent harder to obtain

·        Strict data breach notification rules

·        Increased enforcement powers/fines

One of the biggest points coming out of GDPR are the substantial fines for companies who are non-compliant which can be either a fine of up to €20 million or 4% of group global annual turnover. Clearly very scary numbers so it’s important companies get GDPR right.

Having covered the key changes that GDPR will have, Adam then went on to cover further topics which included:

·        Key GDPR concepts

·        GDPR principles for processing personal data

·        Lawful basis for processing personal data

·        Conditions for ‘special categories’ of personal data

·        Consent in the employment context

·        Free consent

·        Specific and informed consent

·        Is there an alternative to consent?

·        Right to be informed: Privacy notices

·        Right to erasure

·        Right to object

·        Other individual rights

·        Personal data breaches

·        Duty to notify of breach

·        Records of processing activities

·        Data Protection Officers (DPOs)

 Adam concluded the session with some interesting GDPR Myth Busting quotes including:

“You must have consent to process personal data.”

“I can’t start planning for the new consent rules until the ICO publishes its formal guidance.”

“GDPR is an unnecessary burden on organisations.”

“All personal data breaches will need to be reported to the ICO.”

“All details need to be provided when a personal data breach occurs.”

The group were left with lots to think about and a range of action points to take away with them. Frazer Jones would like to again express our continued gratitude to both Adam and DMH Stallard for partnering with us on our “Future Talent” series.

Do you have any "Future Talent" that you would like to enrol on this programme of events? Our series continues on Wednesday 25th April with a more informal session from:

Janet Campbell – Former HR Director at Ofcom - www.linkedin.com/in/janetcampbellhr

Should you require any further detail on any of the topics or would like to discuss the Future Talent series with us or indeed nominate one of your own superstars - then please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself; Jon – joncoles@frazerjones.com or my colleague Rowena – rowenaspurgeon@frazerjones.com.