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We’re a progressive, passionate, global HR executive search and recruitment consultancy. And we’re proud to offer careers for our people with purpose and opportunity. 

A world of opportunity

We like to practice what we preach.  

We believe strongly in nurturing talent, and we know that success and happiness mean different things to different people.

So, whether you want to manage a team, specialise in a niche, start a new desk, travel the world or move into a new function, the possibilities are endless.

We’re committed to transparency, and with that comes trust. And we believe in clear goals, honest conversations and the freedom to work your way.

How we work

We encourage you to work independently. You have the freedom to build your own client base and manage your own time. 

But you’re supported by an experienced team at all times and a culture where our values – being authentic, collaborative, agile and expert – aren’t just screensavers but attitudes that we live and breathe every day. 

It’s an approach that brings out the best in people time and time again. 

Many people who’ve joined Frazer Jones as a recruiter have gone on to Director and Partner level roles – ultimately helping to shape the direction of our company.

Our toolkit

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Mercury XRM

Our culture

Wellbeing and mental health

We’re passionate about mental health and supporting our employees’ wellbeing at all times. 

Every year we run two ‘Wellbeing Weeks’ and release our ‘Mental Health Matters’ magazine. We recently gave all employees a paid recharge day in recognition of World Mental Health Day and have signed up to the Mindful Business Charter.  

Proudly, we also give all our people access to six free, independently run counselling sessions a year – and encourage everyone to use them. And we have trained mental health first aiders at many of our global offices. 

Throughout the working year we also offer lots of other content and events aimed at supporting mental wellbeing at the workplace – and beyond. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion

As recruiters, we play a vital role in making workplaces more progressive – and as a business, we’re on a journey to becoming the most diverse, inclusive and transparent company we can be. 

Examples of actions we’re taking include membership of the Mindful Business Charter, our diversity manifesto which sets out pledges to improve our diversity practices, unconscious bias training for all employees which raises awareness about how we make decisions, and a dedicated DEI committee, in place to drive change across the company. 

Agile working

Whether you call it agile, hybrid or flexible working, we’re committed to giving you the freedom to work in a way that fits your lifestyle. We all have a life outside of work, and it’s important that we’re able to live it. 

So, whether you want to drop your kids at school, squeeze in a quick trip to the gym, or just work when you’re at your most productive, you can do so. 

We just want to create the conditions for you to be at your best and happiest, in or out of work. 

Learning and development

You won’t find off-the-shelf trainee schemes and tired training models here.   

With our dedicated, in-house learning, we pool resources across The SR Group to ensure best-in-class learning and development throughout your career. Our highly experienced teams provide a local and global network of mentorship opportunities.  

And because we know growth comes from looking beyond ourselves too, so we also invest in external expertise to offer a different perspective on your development. 

Management style

Our approach to management is built around empowerment. We may well shape the ‘what’, but you’ll be in charge of the ‘how’. 

It’s an autonomous model, where you’re given the freedom to get the job done, your way. But of course, the guidance of all our experienced leaders is always there. 

We review performance against your goals throughout the year, and we run weekly check-ins. You’ll also get monthly updates on how you’re tracking against your goals. 

Childcare support

Part of our workforce are parents – and we know that it’s about more than just flexibility. It’s about not missing parents’ evening, or your team understanding what it means when childcare falls through. 

So, in addition to agile working policies – which give you the flexibility to adapt your working patterns to childcare needs – we take the time to get to know your personal circumstances and needs.  

We offer childcare support in every way we can – you don’t have to choose between having a career and having a family. 


We don’t just support international transfers between our network of global offices – we actively encourage them.  

Relocations are offered frequently, between London, New York, Sydney and beyond. They’re life-changing moves that are fantastic for your career, and our company. 

And we support you every step of the way, helping you to navigate all the admin and jump through all the hoops, so you can hit the ground running in your new home. 

Business support

You’re supported in your role by a wide range of internal teams. 

Our marketing team support you in creating content, running events and building your personal brand, while our HR team are here to look after your wellbeing and everything that might affect your day-to-day life. 

Our finance team handle anything invoice-related so you don’t have to, while our internal recruitment teams all over the world help to keep us growing. Then there’s client services, who’ll help write proposals that win us business, and our legal teams who ensure we do everything by the book. 

Plus, there are all kinds of brilliant support staff, from IT specialists to executive assistants, here to set you up for success. 

Socials and incentives

We’re a sociable business, and our social events and incentives are frequent and varied. After all, not everyone’s idea of fun is the same. 

We love bringing our global teams together for giant summer parties too – celebrations that offer something for everyone. 

All offices have their own holiday traditions – like New York’s legendary desk decorating competition. 

And we also offer a top biller incentive, which offers cash rewards for our top performers. 

Time off

We know how important time off is in a fast-paced industry like recruitment. 

So, we’re always closed during December holidays, giving you valuable time to re-charge. 

And after five years of service, we grant an extra 10 days of leave – and encourage you to take a month off to do something special. 

We also offer paid time off for volunteering. We’re passionate about giving you the freedom to support the charities that matter most to you. 


Join our team

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Corporate social responsibility

Finding purpose 

Our social purpose agenda is based on using our incredible global HR network and experience to help charities in any way we can. 

Reflecting on the power of our network, the breadth of our list of charity clients and the footprint we have across the sector, it became clear that we had plenty to offer.  

Some of the initiatives we’ve developed include: 

  • A platform that connects HR professionals willing to volunteer time for free to small charities with limited budgets 
  • An event series that showcases the incredible work carried out by our charity partners 
  • An opportunity for brands to connect with our broad network of charity clients, in order to foster working partnerships and collaborations

We’re extremely proud that through these initiatives we are supporting the growth of charities and causes that matter.

Causes we support

Reach Volunteering
Mental Health Matters

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