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Whether you’re in search of an interim HR position or considering hiring an HR interim for your company, we’re here to assist you throughout the recruitment journey, spanning all sectors, globally.

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What is interim HR? Interim HR refers to temporary/short-term and fixed term contracts human resources (HR) services, that are provided by a senior HR professional. This professional will be hired on a temporary basis for numerous reasons from maternity cover, to manage specific HR projects and initiatives, cover staff absences, address specific HR challenges or provide expertise during transitional periods such as mergers or restructuring.

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Specialised expertise

You have the opportunity to select an interim professional with a particular specialisation, from business transformation, employee relations through to organisational design and more.

Bridge gaps in leadership:

A professional can help support with anything from strategic guidance, business transformation, maintaining operations or general support.

Cost effectiveness:

You can save on factors such as a long-term salary, training and additional company expenses and benefits (company dependant).

Objective outsider perspective:

An outsider is in a particularly good position to highlight areas that need improvement, alongside spotting challenges and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

They can also manage periods of high workloadknowledge transferflexibility and maintain business continuity.

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Diverse experience:

An interim professional can gain experience across different industries and sectors giving them insights into various practices and challenges.

Skill enhancement and problem solving:

Working across different organisations and support on varied challenges allows an interim professional to easily adapt and assess situations.


You will have exposure to a wide selection of project durations and working options, offering great flexibility to balance work with personal commitments.

Networking opportunities:

An interim will get the chance to build a broad network from multiple businesses and organisations. Which in turn, can lead to further growth and career opportunities.

An increased autonomy, fast career progression, competitive compensation and opportunity for learning and growth.

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Perspectives from Interim HR Leaders: Sarah Bullock

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Sarah Bullock is a professional interim HR consultant specialising in change and OD, talent management, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion. She has global, multi-sector experience and a track record of working with senior and frontline teams to deliver change in Energy, FMCG, Retail, Leisure, Financial Services and Transport/Logistics. She is also a member of the HR […]
Do I need to be registered as self-employed to work as an interim?

No, you can easily work via an Umbrella Company or PAYE. This is low-effort and doesn’t require any upfront initial costs.

Do I need my own insurance to work interim roles?

Yes, if you work via a Ltd company then you’ll need to provide certain insurances. The minimum requirements would typically be Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability insurance.

How long do most people stay in an interim role?

Most of our mid-senior interim assignments last for 6-12 months, however we also place candidates into short term contracts to cover long-term sick or a period of increased workload across the team. Market uncertainty means there tends to be more temp to perm opportunities and increases the likelihood of contract roles being extended.

Are interim roles a good way to find work if I relocate?

Yes, generally an interim role is a great way to relocate as the interview process tends be to quicker and it’s a great way to experience a new organisation and market without the commitment of a permanent role. You can also upskill and build knowledge quickly on the interim market so it’s a great way to enhance your career and make the most of your time in a new location.

How do I work out my day rate as an interim professional?

Your day rate as a contractor can vary depending on a number of factors.
Firstly, supply and demand in the market does have an impact and we can experience surges and decreases in rates for certain skill sets depending on the time of year, timeframes and general market conditions. If there is a particularly sought after skill set and the candidate market is small (and tightening), businesses are typically willing to pay more to secure the right contractor. Additionally, if a client requires a quick turn around and needs someone to start as soon as possible then this can push the day rate up. Annual cyclical processes such as. salary reviews and year end for interim reward professionals can also dictate the price point for quality interims.
To work out your rough market rate, most contractors simply divide their total compensation (including benefits) by 260 working days a year. However, this doesn’t take into about holiday entitlement and any one-off bonus, LTIPs etc. so we would always advise speaking to an experienced interim recruiter to give you their insights on where to pitch yourself in the market. Speak to a member of the interim team if you need additional information.

Will working an interim role hurt my career?

No. Working in an interim position can have many benefits, such as working in different sized companies and industries gaining you knowledge and exposure in a variety of sectors, networking opportunities, a quick pathway in career progression, flexibility and autonomy and a chance to enhance your skillset through diverse experiences You will get the opportunity make an impact in a shorter space of time, which in some cases can lead to great opportunities or even a permanent role.

Would a permanent position be better?

There isn’t really a definitive answer as this all depends on the person. A permanent role may suit some, and not others. Many enjoy the flexibility that an interim role offers, especially when thinking about life outside of work, but one thing that is great to know is that you can always try an interim role, and step back into a permanent if it isn’t quite the right fit for you.

Is it easy to obtain references to move to a permanent HR role?

Yes, our team can help support. But by working in interim positions, you will be able to have references from a wider selection of companies, sectors and seniority levels – meaning you can have more specific orientated references when applying for your next role.

Does it matter if I’ve never worked in an interim role?

No. If you’ve been working in permanent roles, you’ll likely have a lot of great technical and people skills that will be directly transferrable to being hired for an interim position.

How many hours/weeks per year would I be expected to work

No. If you’ve been working in permanent roles, you’ll likely have a lot of great technical and people skills that will be directly transferrable to being hired for an interim position.

What are good questions to ask the company when in an interim HR interview

Some key points to ask will be” What is the goal of the interim appointment?”,” What level of authority will I have in the interim role?” and “Are there plans to make the position permanent?”, For further questions, speak to one of our interim HR experts who will be happy to offer their support – and give great advice on your CV too!

Why Frazer Jones?

Headquartered in the City of London, we’re a trusted and proven interim recruiter, with a reputation for delivering exceptional hires in remarkably short timeframes – who can help you with your job search or hiring needs on a global basis.

Our interim recruitment team are packed with years of expertise, are highly skilled at finding interim leaders and consultants who can drive your business forward.

If you’re looking for effective solutions to your HR challenges, then discover our interim HR solutions where flexibility meets expertise to drive your organisation’s success. At Frazer Jones, we specialise in providing interim HR professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team, offering immediate impact and sustainable results.

We recruit interim contractors in every sector, including technology, media and telecommunications, retail, government and non-profit, healthcare, insurance, banking and financial services, consumer, legal, pharmaceuticals, and many more. We also work with companies of every shape and size, from start-ups and scale-ups through to multinationals in remote, hybrid working and full-time working environments.

Our dedicated consultants will be able to provide you with the best end-to-end recruitment process, supporting every seniority level. They are able to offer support from CV advice and tips, securing you the right pay for your position (depending on your job type) and whether based on an annum or day rate, providing you with feedback at every stage of your candidate experience.

And regardless of whether you simply need ad hoc support or consulting and advisory expertise to help transform your HR department, we have the global reach and candidate networks to make it possible. 

Our global footprint

We hire everywhere in the world through a network of international offices, offering greater reach when it’s needed most. From our headquarters in London in the United Kingdom to Germany, BeNelux and Italy in Europe, through to Asia, Australia and the United States.

A structured process

Through events and networking, as well access to some of the best HR roles in the world, our candidate pipeline networks are renowned – and help us to engage those uniquely qualified people who might not be looking for a new role.

Our enviable track record

We believe that regular communication is critical. From weekly progress reports to market maps of target profiles, we will remain aligned on your goals at every stage

Our candidate networks

Through events and networking, as well access to some of the best HR roles in the world, our candidate pipeline networks are renowned – and help us to engage those uniquely qualified people who might not be looking for a new role.

Our progressive mindset

We are passionate about empowering workplaces, and we’re not afraid to challenge traditional thinking