The Digital Interview

The Digital Interview

Brad Law Market Insight, Career Advice

Do you have everything in place to secure your perfect candidate? 

With so many companies implementing a work from home policy the likelihood of your interview being a video one is higher than ever. Our clients continue to engage with candidates in this format and here is some obvious but often overlooked advice for getting the best from this new normal.

Our tips include:

  1. Using the most suitable tools for the interview;
  2. The format of the interview;
  3. Additional assessment; and 
  4. How to be creative.

Given current circumstances, if you would like a copy of our top tips for putting together a digital interview and how to successfully not meet your candidate, please click on the image below OR paste this URL into your browser: https://indd.adobe.com/view/794bfb5a-e942-4e8b-b4a9-142540334ef2