Seminar: dealing with unacceptable behaviour in the workplace

Event date/time: Thu, 29 February 2024 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Movements such as “MeToo” have highlighted the extent of unacceptable behaviour people are exposed to in their workplace. A more value driven leadership style and undoubtedly fear of public embarrassment, as well as expensive court cases, have driven this topic to the very top of most businesses. Senior HR leaders are telling us that dealing with related complaints and issues is becoming a more prominent part of their day-to-day work. The Dutch government has been trying to play their part through legislation. We believe a much stronger shift in culture is needed to make a real positive impact.

Our seminar, led by Lydia Milders, Employment Law Partner at Palthe Oberman Attorneys, will examine the following:

  • employer’s (statutory) duty of care
  • policy/code of conduct
  • (external) investigations; do’s and don’ts
  • internal complaints procedure; how and what? 
  • role of the confidential advisor
  • disciplinary action; (instant) dismissal?
  • victims’ claims, employer liability

There will be room for questions and discussion about your own dilemmas and best approaches.

MEET YOUr speaker

Lydia Milders

Partner, Employment Law
Palthe Oberman Attorneys


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